Airplane of the Month • September  2006

Aerial Photographs by Bill Fyfe  

Bill Warner's Immaculate 1978 152
Year: 1978 Model: 152 Serial#: 15280490
1,085 of 2,626, 1978 152's manufactured
1,085 of 6,628, 152's manufactured
 in the USA

Bill brought his beautiful airplane to the Clinton 2006 International fly-in where it was admired and photographed by his club friends. This airplane is extremely fine, both inside and out, and has been selected as September 2006 Airplane of the Month by Bill's Friends.

Comments from Bill Warner: Probably unlike many club members, I started out flying ultralights, back in 1991. Built 3 of them .........a Rans S-14, Hurricane HP, and a Titan Tornado. Had about 240 hours in them. While building the Titan, the local EAA tech counselor came to look it over, and told me there was going to be a new ground school starting, which I might look into. Having trouble with tests in the past, I thought I would take the ground school, and attempt the FAA written......if I got through that.......go the rest of the way..........that is history now....amazing as it may seem. While taking lessons I starting looking for a 152............that is when I wish I would have had known about the Cessna 150-152 club. There could have been a different outcome, who knows? There is absolutely a wealth of knowledge here. But after watching Trade-a-plane, and everything else I could get my hands on, I found N24981 for sale in California.....a 152 II with low total time (2,187 hours) and a low engine time (98 hours) The man that had owned the plane had passed away, and his daughter was selling it. I sent my instructor, Mr. Firtree, who has been around planes since.........well, way back when, to look it over and check the logs. He said it looked like a good solid plane, but did not think it was worth what she was asking, so after some negotiation, we came to agreement, and N24981 was on it’s way to Oregon the next day. (June 10, 2003)

When I first saw it...........I was excited to say the least. Then, when I looked closer.........I saw all the possibilities of personalizing it. The green paint had to go, along with the red and tan interior.......and that is where it all began. Basically, it has new paint (taken down to the bare aluminum). All outside plastic was replaced, new wing tips, with Whelen Nav/strobes, and all antennas were replaced.

Almost all of the panel was changed out.
Including New:
KMD-150 GPS KX-155A Nav-Com KY-196A Com
KI-209 Indicator GMA-340 audio panel KT-76C transponder
Sigma-Tek Attitude gyro and  Sigma-Tek directional gyro
United Altimeter, quartz electric clock. Precision vert.card compass
EI fuel flow,  EI EGT/CH,  EI volt/amp meter
Horizon P-1000 tach,  Datcon hour meter,  Monroy 300 collision. avoidance,
Jacks for aux com antenna & music, All new panel plastic,
Power cord for Garmin 296 Yoke mount

Other Upgrades:
A custom interior ( not a kit)
A new Sensenich STC’d propeller...1/2 Sparrowhawk
Just about everything in the engine compartment has been replaced, right down to the chrome valve covers. except for the basic engine, which had great compression readings. (76 78 78 80). Parts replaced included:
Slick Mags, Oil cooler, Zeftronics regulator,
New ignition, All hoses, Wiring Harness,
Alternator Solenoids, All cables,
K-N air filter, Battery, powder coated baffles,

Coming soon: EI Ultimate Engine Analyzer

What you saw at Clinton, and in the pictures is the outcome. I really had a good time flying back to CWI....what an experience, and adventure......especially flying with Dan Meler and Bill Fyfe. Dan told me that I would learn more about this plane on this trip, than I would flying 500 hours around the local area. He was right....

.The consensus: I have no complaints with 981, it flies hands off. As of today I have put 230.8 hours on it, and enjoyed every minute of it. The amazing thing to me is, you can get in a small plane like the 150 or 152, and go anywhere you want might take a little longer than some planes, but,’s the trip.

Cabin Photographs by Bengie Phillips

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