Airplane of the Month • October  2004

Year: 1961 Model: 150A Serial#: 15059280
262 of 332, 1961 150A's manufactured
1,279 of 21,404, 150's manufactured
 in the USA

Gary Standhart's Polished 150HP Taildragger, N7180X.
This is a one of a kind Cessna 150,  The goal was to create an airplane as a "stock" Cessna 150 taildragger.  Cessna 150's are an evolution of the Cessna 140, so the builder was able to get approval to install  original equipment Cessna 140 landing gear and wheel pants on the airplane.

The engine mount was custom built by a California company that holds an STC for the 150 horsepower conversion. Adapting the mount for this airplane was a frustrating process that had to be done twice and took nearly a year to complete.

This plane is now owned by Gary Standhart of Durango, Colorado. Gary had previously owned a Cessna 170, and loves this airplane's "Baby 170" looks. After flying the airplane home, Gary decided that he wanted more useable fuel than the standard 22.5 gallons, so he had his mechanic retrofit original equipment 35 gallon Cessna long range tanks, using Cessna blueprints for guidance. The project took just over 40 hours of labor. 

Unfortunately, Gary's second wish for a larger baggage area turns out to be more complicated than he had hoped. Cessna 150's prior to 1966 had a smaller baggage area than later models. Opening up the rear fuselage for more room has been done with  field approvals, with varying results. As much as he likes the 150, Gary has regrettably decided he really needs a little more room,  and plans to eventually replace the airplane with a Cessna 170. Gary will entertain offers in the $45K range for this unique, classic, high performance Cessna 150. Interested parties can contact Gary via email at  or by telephone at 970-749-1844.

[Posted October 1, 2004]

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