Airplane of the Month • January  2005

 Can You Spot the 3 Paint Differences in these 2 Photos? 

Serial 15078222 After and Before, Photographed by Manfred Brodmann.

Year: 1976 Model: 150M Serial#: 15078222
1,163 of 1,446, 1976 150M's manufactured
20,221 of 21,404, 150's
 manufactured in the USA

Wolfgang Roser's "New Stock" 1976 150M

Mr. Roser owns an Austrian software company and is an avid flyer. He currently owns two Cessna 150's, a 152 and a 172SP. These photos and comments were submitted by Roser's former flight instructor Manfred Brodmann.

This airplane was formerly owned by Robert Nash of Salem, Missouri who purchased it new in 1977. It was never  used as a trainer, and has no damage history. OE-CWR is equipped with Cessna factory long range tanks. In January 2005 it had just 1,800 hours total airframe time.

Much of the airplane remains absolutely original, the original seats, interior plastic, and carpets are all still in like new condition. Wolfgang purchased the airplane in March of 2004, it was flown from Missouri to Sebastian, Florida for disassembly and shipment to Austria. Prior to shipment, Roser had the airplane repainted to the original scheme with Austrian Registration, upgraded the panel and installed interior soundproofing. The engine received a Superior Millennium overhaul by Penn Yan, and the prop was overhauled.

The airplane has been meticulously maintained and restored, and is likely one of the best "stock" Cessna 150's in Europe.

Manfred Brodmann
New Retractable Gear Cessna 150?  (Disassembled for Packing in a Shipping Container.)

The Original Panel Still Looks New... 

The Original Cessna ARC Nav Comm and a King Loran were replaced with a Bendix King KX155 Nav Com, and Garmin 150 GPS as part of the upgrade prior to export.

[Posted January 1, 2005]

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