Airplane of the Month • June  2006

Aerial Photographs by Gary Shreve  

Dale Moorehead's 150 HP Super 150
Year: 1976 Model: 150M Serial#: 15077090
Manufactured August 7, 1975.

31 of 1,446, 1976 150M's manufactured
19,089 of 21,404, 150's manufactured in the USA

Times as of June 2006, TT 2290 Airframe, TT Engine 2488, SMOH 770.

I started flying in the mid 1960's with a neighbor in Northern Iowa. His son and I were the same age and so I learned to fly a J3 Cub. I was hooked. In June 1968 I took my first formal lesson in a 1966 C150 at Mason City Airport. I got my private 2 months later, added the commercial in 1972, Instrument in 1973, and Multi-Engine in 1975.

I have been around Cessnas all my life, both my Grandparents worked for Cessna at the Pawnee plant in Wichita. Grandpa worked tool and die, Grandma was a riveter. They retired  from Cessna in 1975, just 3 months after N63082 came off the line. I have owned two other Cessnas, a 1949 C170 and a 1966 C150.

Like so many of us, marriage, family, college and other priorities had to come before flying, so the airplanes were sold, though I did keep flying, doing some Charter and Freight dogging but not as the "real job". My favorite gig was picking up new Cessnas at the factory, (Got to spend time with the Grandparents.)  I ferried a few new Cessnas back to Meacham in Fort Worth or Dallas Love field.

In 2002 I bought into a flying club in Denton, TX and met lifetime Cessna 150-152 club member Dennis Raddant. Dennis convinced me to go to the club national fly-in at Clinton in 2003.  That was all it took.  I got hooked again and knew I had to buy my own C150 or 152. At Clinton I met Howard Wehrman who was selling a C150 for another owner. I had driven to Clinton because Dennis and his wife Phyllis and I could not all fit in our shared 150, so on my way home to Texas I was able to drive by Montgomery City to take a look at  N63082. I am a project kind of guy and saw at once that this one had potential.

To make a long story short, it is the Cessna 150-152 Club's fault that I had so much fun at Clinton and got the lead on this airplane. It has been a work in progress ever since I bought it, but the project is very therapeutic.

Dale Moorehead, Sanger, TX

The First meeting - Montgomery-Wehrman Airport 
Before and After Refurbishment by TN Wings

Previous owners:

1.ORR's Aero Mechanix Inc. ( 9/3/1975)
Spartanburg, SC

2. Austin Carden ($12,555.00) (3/14/1976)
Hampton, TN
Repossessed by Cessna Financial (2/7/1977)

3. TK Aviation Inc. ($10,026.00) (2/22/1977)
Chicago, IL

4. Richard Wheeler (4/5/1977)
Twin Lakes, MN

5. Fair Aviation Corp. (4/15/1977)
Chicago, IL

6. Knauz Motor Sales Inc. (7/25/1980)
Lake forest, IL

7. Paul S. Warren (7/9/1984)
Barrington IL

8. Raymond A. Stark (10/30/1986)
Warrenton, MO

9. Kyle S Stark (5/19/2000)
St. Louis, MO

10. Dale Moorehead (8/2003)
Sanger, TX

KX155 W/VOR/Glide slope
Arco Escort II. Nav/Com
Apollo 618
KMA 24 Audio Panel with 3 lt. Marker
ARC RT 359A Transponder W/ encoder
Century Autopilot

Air Frame Modifications:
Long range fuel tanks (STC SA5733SW) 3/15/1985
Horton STOL Kit (STC SA909CE) 10/25/1985
J&S Engineering Engine conversion (STC SA4795SW) 10/25/1985
Painted 11/1985
New seats, carpet, and interior plastics 9/2003 (Shelby TNN Wings - Texas Aeroplastics, Vintage Plane Plastics)
Skybolt Cowl and Firewall fasteners (SA3284SO) 10/02/2004
Updated Auto fuel STC (SE01943CH) 10/31/2005
Whelen Split Strobe replaced Beacon light 10/31/2005

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