Airplane of the Month • March 2007

Aerial Photography by John Ludemann - Enroute to Clinton 2006

Ron Stewart's  1980 Cessna 152 "82 Bravo"
Year: 1980 Model: 152 Serial#: 15283826
235 of 950, 1980 152's manufactured
4,421 of 6,628, 152's manufactured
 in the USA

I took my first flying lesson on June 16th, 1979. I was 19 years old and the plane was N49288, a 1978 Cessna 152. After a hiatus of more than 14 years I was finally able to get my Private Pilot Certificate on October 22, 1993.

N5282B was a trainer at a flight school on Cape Cod for 16 years before I rescued it on April 5th, 1996 and I became a Lifetime member of the Cessna 150-152 Club in August of 2000. In the 11 years that we have been together 82 Bravo has gotten new door panels, new carpet, the interior plastic has been painted, the seats have been re-upholstered, new seat belts, the wingtips have been replaced. It's been stripped and painted and we've had the engine overhauled.

I have put more than 525 hours of the total 6,200 that is on 82B. When I bought this plane I had no idea of the friends I would make or the fun I would have because I own a Cessna 152. I plan on keeping it for a long time.

Ron Stewart
Douglas, MA

On the Ice Runway at Alton Bay, New Hampshire
Photograph by Stephen Mayotte
 Home Sweet  Fabric Home - Tent Camping at Clinton 2006
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