Airplane of the Month • March  2006

1967 150 N2916S Aerial Photographs by Bryan Oetting

1967 150 N2916S

Felipe Marrou's Red White and Blue Cessna 150
Year: 1967 Model: 150G Serial#: 15066816
2,284 of 2,666, 1967 150G's manufactured
8,815 of 21,404, 150's manufactured  in the USA

 Since I was a kid I've  dreamed of flying. One of my favorite passtimes was to hang out at airports. I spent a lot of time watching planes take off and land. I always dreamed that one day I would get a chance to fly a plane.

 I remember a story my grandmother told me, about my grandfather being the first pilot to fly a private plane from Lima, Peru to Chancay, on coastline north of Lima, back in the 1930s. My grandmother tells me that my grandfather and I were very much alike, always looking for an adventure.

 In 1986, I decided to follow my dreams and become a pilot. With enough money saved I drove to the local flight school where I met my instructor Rick Tingley.  Rick, who later became a good friend, helped me make my dream a reality. Six months after meeting Rick, I became a pilot. I flew the local rental fleet for about 15 years and logged about 400 hours, mostly on Cessna high wing aircraft. About 3 years ago I decided I wanted to spend even more time in the air. It made economic sense to purchase my own plane. Having flown Cessna's most of my life I had no hesitation purchasing one. They were easy to fly, fun and most important very reliable. So the search began. Three years later I still had not found the bird I was looking for. I searched from Seattle to New York, and could not find one that fit my needs and budget.

Then last year, while walking at the Tamiami Florida Airport, I saw this beautiful little plane coming directly towards me. I approached the nice couple flying the plane with my compliments and mentioned that I had been searching for a plane like this to buy with no luck. The lady gave me  a knowing look and said: "Why don't you talk to my husband? I think he wants to sell the plane."

1967 150 N2916S

I couldn't believe it, all this years looking for a plane and there it was, it just came to me! After some quick negotiating I purchased N2916S. Since January of 2005 I have flown my bird 130 hours. Every flight is a new experience. The plane is in great condition thanks to the previous owner, Michael Hassall. Since I purchased her, I have installed an EGT, traffic avoidance monitor, and a new intercom.

Flying this little plane for me is one of the greatest things I have ever experienced. It makes my life much more fun and interesting. Just knowing that after work I can go to the airport and fly to Key West for lunch or fly over Everglades National Park is just amazing. Most of the people I know have not even been to these places. My dream now is to fly all over the US and visit many of the small airports around the country. I am looking forward to fly to Clinton this year to see you guys again and to share more flying stories. I've noticed that pilots are not like the average people. We don't like to get stuck in the same routine and always are looking forward for new adventures and new places to visit. I hope that in the future my kids also get to experience the joy of flying just like I got from my grandfather.

Felipe's Hangar
Felipe's Comfortably Equipped Hangar, A Real Home away from Home

My hangar is opened for any member of the club. You have a place in Miami.

Luis Felipe Marrou Jr.

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