Airplane of the Month • August  2004

Photographed by Royson Parsons at the 2004 Clinton National Fly-In.

Year: 1972 Model: 150L Serial#: 15073253
625 of 1,030, 1972 150L's manufactured
15,252 of 21,404, 150's manufactured
 in the USA

Ed Figuli's World Record Breaking 150HP Taildragger


N5353Q got a lot of attention at the 2004 Clinton fly-in. For starters it was the only 150HP taildragger in attendance this year,  making it the highest performance Cessna 150 in Clinton.  If that weren't enough, Ed was also one of the most enthusiastic participants at the fly-in, competing in all five of the flying contests. Ed currently holds two world records in this plane, something you would never guess from his modest demeanor, but make no mistake, behind  Ed's friendly, easy going personality lies the heart of a competitor who loves to fly.

This is a unique airplane in both appearance and performance. From a distance you can't help notice the bright yellow paint color, as you get closer you notice that the paint scheme is an unusual retro combination of pre world war II military trainer,  golden age air racing, and whimsy.


Ed Figuli has adorned the airplane with emblems commemorating everything from his favorite cartoon character,  to his 2002 world speed record from Allentown, PA to Fort Smith, AR.

[Posted August 1, 2004]

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