Airplane of the Month • September  2004

 Year: 1967 Model: 150G Serial#: 15064705
173 of 2,666, 1967 150G's manufactured
6,704 of 21,404, 150's manufactured in the USA

Jonathan Amundsen's Crimson 150G

N4655X has been in my family since  my father purchased it to use in our flight school in 1993. During the last decade we've replaced the nose gear assembly, repainted, upgraded the avionics and interior and overhauled the engine twice. Over the years we put over 2,000 training hours on the airplane.   Now I can finally call her my own. I  recently bought out the other partners and retired the airplane from the flight school business.

We've had a great time flying this little airplane making many trips from Michigan to Florida and every airport within a 150 miles of our home base. Both my fiancĂ© Elizabeth and I are A&P mechanics, which both keeps our costs of ownership down and increases our opportunity to fly. Elizabeth soloed  in the airplane and plans to complete her private pilot training by the end of September 2004. I was able to take my CFI check ride in N4655X when the airplane I was originally scheduled to use broke down at the last minute. 

Some of the recent improvements to the airplane include a new digital radio, glideslope, and a second nav for IFR certification.  We also installed a new instrument panel with newer style gyros.  We installed Horner type wingtips and  new windows and windshield. Our wish list includes flap and aileron gap seals and a VG kit.

Unfortunately we were unable to make it to the 2004 Clinton fly-in.  Both Elizabeth and I started new jobs in Florida at the same time as the fly-in.  Hopefully next year we will be able to fly the airplane from its new home in Florida to Clinton.

 Jonathan R. Amundsen

[Posted September 1, 2004]

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